ICR Men’s Charity Classic Was A Success After 2-Year Break

After just completing the 19th annual ICR Men’s Charity Classic, I couldn’t be more pleased. Like many things in life, the last 2 years raised a lot of questions. Where do we go now? Will we be able to raise funds? Will people come back and play? Will this go on?

Started in 2003, I have been involved in playing in the event for 10 years before joining the committee and now help organize the event. Being involved in the event from 2004 and the fun I had; was the catalyst to wanting to participate in ensuring its success. Its important to note the initial driver of the event was to raise funds for a family with 2 kids that were born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I can happily say the father of the boys called to let our committee know they no longer need funds and were grateful for the years they did.

Where do we go now? The committee had to look back to its core principals. Who will be our main recipient of funds now? The funds raised are to stay local, and ideally directly benefit the people in need. Help One is now our main recipient, a nonprofit with no overhead that supplies kids in high school anything they may be lacking, from glasses to winter jackets to a pair of socks. A great cause.

So, did we raise funds? We did. I have nothing but gratitude for the 144 golfers, countless volunteers and many sponsors that stepped up immensely. Our goal for 2022 was to raise funds to get us over the cumulative $1M mark as we sat at $955k. After settling all expenses, I can report our total funds raised since the inception of the tournament is just over $1,050,000.

Will people come back and play? Boy did they. I can say it was one of the best ones. I had a great time with my team but most noticeably I hadn’t heard that sound in 3 years. Coming up the stairs after the event, the buzz in the room. The room was vibrating with stories about the putts they almost made, the ones they did, and how close to the winning score they were.

Will this go on? After the 2022 tournament, I am more content that this will go on. The committee is committed. The players will be play. And the sponsors will sponsor. Thank you all for your time, donations and commitment, it takes a community to pull it off.