Sales: A noble profession. A profitable business enterprise…

A profitable business enterprise relies upon the successful sale of a product and/or service. How that transaction takes place

is changing in many corporations. There are instances where it’s becoming increasingly easier to complete the necessary research, shop for the most favorable price and terms, and make the purchase on-line.

There will however always be a place in complex transactions for a professional salesperson.

Am I the right one for the assignment?

As I pointed out in an earlier blog post, there are instances where the client will be better served by engaging someone else.

They may be in a position with minimal coaching to complete the task on their own.

The skilled salesperson knows it is the quality of the questions that are asked which result in smart solutions.

Smart solutions can sometimes include referral to another professional who is in a better position to solve the client’s needs.

How can I add value to completion of a client’s goal?

If I am unable to add value far beyond the cost of my fee, I will not be successful in building long term client relationships.

I need to do much more than present the same information to every client.

My career satisfaction comes from the different creative strategies I am able to offer as we progress through the transaction process.

Advanced salesmanship often involves crafting successful solutions that track a different path from what the client could see.

What is my unique selling proposition?

The odds are that a potential customer will have made contact with a few different salespeople prior to connecting with me.

What sets me apart from the rest? What am I and my company doing to demonstrate we’re distinct?

I speak about a couple of ICR’s unique selling propositions in these past blog posts, My Conflict of Interest and  A “No Door” Policy.

There will always be a place for the salesperson who embraces change and has a passion for his or her industry.

That salesperson will find that customers become repeat clients and those repeat clients become old friends!