Wasnik, Donna

Galbraith, Sharon

Joining ICR in 2017, Sharon comes with 22 years experience of Regina’s property management industry and countless strong working relationships within the community. She has managed and maintained multiple condominium accounts, as well as prepared, monitored, and maintained corporate budgets and financials. Working as a property manager, she is a problem-solver who treats everyone with respect, while committed to integrity and fairness. She counts her greatest achievements as working in a variety of management positions and meeting great people. Born and raised in rural Saskatchewan, Sharon greatly values spending time with family and friends. She enjoys spending time outdoors, camping, watching movies, and cooking.

Barber, Mike

A team player, Mike joined ICR in 2013. He values relationships and puts a premium on trust. Goal focused and driven, he delivers value-added service to his clients. Having relationships with a number of commercial builders, he is a “go to” guy regarding construction costs and design outcomes. He is proud of his close relationship with his family. He loves to golf, as well as travel. Whether it’s hiking a volcano or riding a dirt bike through Yosemite, Mike is keen to get his adrenaline pumping.

Cooney, Levi

With extensive sales experience, Levi joined ICR in 2016. He is well connected in the community. He operated the “Best Pub in Regina” as voted by its clientele, and he knows the food sector. A creative dealmaker, he is keen to help clients achieve success. Levi’s ideal client is “anyone who needs help” at any stage of property development. He believes in hard work and perseverance, of staying positive and balanced. Levi is active in local sports and plays music in his free time. He loves to travel to find great surf, great snowboarding, and great food.

Butterfield, Brian

Brian joined the ICR team 4 years ago and is a keen team player. He values good working relationships and professionalism. An effective communicator, he is eager to work with clients who are new to real estate and wants to help them fully understand their transactions. He is proud of his clients’ successes whether helping a restaurant client secure multiple locations or helping a young couple find the ideal location for their start-up business. As an athlete, he was in positions of leadership on teams that achieved success. He is particularly fond of golf. A keen learner, he enjoys reading about ancient history and astronomy, as well as science fiction, and he loves watching documentaries and travelling.