Franks, Tara

Joining ICR in 2016, Tara is a residential property manager with a wealth of industry experience. She owned and managed revenue properties, including residential and multi-unit dwellings. She was also the owner/operator of a local franchise restaurant and a founding member of the Franchisee Advisory Council. Tara focuses on building productive relationships with clients and managing condominium corporations’ assets ensuring proper maintenance while adhering to the Property Act. She counts her most important achievements as having “3 great kids and a career I love.” Tara is involved with a number of non-profit groups, and much of her time is spent watching children’s sports activities.

Kuse, Craig B.COMM, LLB, Managing Partner

Having practiced law for number of years, Craig joined ICR in 1996 and became a partner in 2002.  With an emphasis on problem solving that creates win-win situations, Craig uses analytics, practical experience and common sense to provide well thought out solutions for the problems and challenges that can accompany real estate ownership and property management.    His broad-ranging experience with owners, tenants, contractors, employees and professionals provides thoughtful insight into the intangibles and nuances that arise in all business situations, making him a trusted partner for clients.  Craig finds great satisfaction in being part of the ICR ownership and management teams in building and maintaining ICR as a respected Saskatchewan business organization.

Jaspar, Devin CPA, CGA, Managing Partner

Devin has strengthened the property management and accounting systems at ICR and established a strong foundation that continues to promote profitability, professionalism, and growth. He successfully engages with clients on complex business and accounting issues and brings this strength to growing ICR’s commercial property management portfolio, as well as building a strong team of property managers. From tenant and rent collection issues to lease administration and financial management, Devin keeps his finger on the pulse of client needs. In his downtime, he enjoys spending time with his family, practising yoga, and escaping to a remote northern fishing camp at least once a year.