The 24th annual NSBA Business Builder Award, November 4 2021

It felt normal. Last night November 4th 2021, I attended my first business event in 2 years. The NSBA Business Builder Awards. Now I have been to this before, in fact I don’t think I have missed a year. A class event by a hardworking respected business advocate organization. It reminded me what the Saskatoon business community stands for. We all want to be successful and in addition, we (the business community) want to see others succeed. It reminded me that we all want to help each other out. Do business with the people you do business with. After all we are all fighting the same battle, doing what it takes.

A couple other things stood out to me as well. A passioned, motivating, sobering speech by knowledge keeper Judy Pelly. She has truly overcome many adversities in her life, and now flourishes. A self-made story of a residential school survivor who now dedicates her time to helping as many people as she can. It highlighted how we need to grow, leaving no one behind. Indigenous and non-indigenous businesses all have a vested interest in that.

In addition to the established businesses that are vying for various awards, there are 5 new young entrepreneurs that make their pitch for young promising entrepreneur award. Once again I know the feeling in the room is we all want these fledgling business to succeed and grow, many do.

All in all the event provided levity, sincerity and certainty that more of this is to come. More importantly to me a reminder that we all want to succeed and see others succeed. Old supporting new. Proven, mentoring the eager. At the risk of sounding cliché, we all want to succeed together. Many thanks to the sponsors, the presenters, the attendees and the NSBA for putting together such a feather in the cap event for Saskatoon.