Soanes, Savannah CPA, CMA


Savannah joined the ICR team in March 2016 and since then has continued to expand her role and contributions to ICR. As a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA), she oversees the commercial property accounting for the property management side of ICR and leads our growing team of accounting professionals. Her goal is always creating more value for clients by looking for efficiencies and areas for improvement as well as transparent reporting. She was instrumental with the creation of new templates to help streamline the reporting process on an internal basis and regularly works alongside Property Managers to assist in clarifying and communicating accounting information to our valued clients.  Savannah’s contagious smile and laughter along with her dedication to excellence makes her a joy to work with and a valued member of the ICR team.  Savannah and her husband spend their free time running after their two kids.  They enjoy bike rides, the zoo, and playing, playing, and more playing.