Johnson-Luey, Tatum B.A POL.SC

Director of Commercial Property Management

Tatum joined the ICR property management team in 2006 as a residential property manager. Starting her career managing condominiums and apartments, Tatum has since moved on to commercial management where her portfolio consists of managing office buildings, retail and commercial shopping centers. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Alberta, Tatum is a keen critical thinker and an adept communicator. She is also known as a good listener and an effective problem solver. Tatum believes that ICR takes the guesswork out of owning commercial real estate by ensuring her client’s properties are well taken care of. As a property manager, Tatum’s day-to-day consists of dealing with property finances, administration of leases, managing property maintenance, handling tenant questions and concerns and working with property owners to plan and achieve both short and long-term goals for their investments.