We Don’t Compete With Our Clients

Conflicts of interest are often a misunderstood part of the commercial real estate business. Every year the real estate commissions across Canada deal with numerous claims related to realtors and agents who fail to disclose their true motivations in dealing with their clients or even holding a license.

Most of these claims get settled out of court, the records are sealed, and the problem continues. The perpetrators often repeat their actions because the reward is sometimes worth more than the fine.

ICR has strict rules of conduct regarding ownership of commercial property. In short, ICR registrants, partners/shareholders or employees shall not compete with ICR clients by virtue of the purchase, sale, leasing or development of commercial real estate within Saskatoon.

You can avoid these problems by asking your broker:

  • what their policy is regarding the ownership of commercial real estate,
  • what properties they own and what are their existing vacancies,
  • how much of their selling time is devoted to building their own portfolio, and
  • what happens if you both end up wanting to buy the same property or obtain the same tenant.

 Make informed decisions. When you deal with ICR, the rules are clear.